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4 Great Tech Tools to Help You Stay Sober


February 10, 2018
Can technology help you stay sober? While it is probably not the reason why you will achieve and maintain sobriety, technology can play a role in maintaining a new healthy lifestyle. Take a look at these technology tools that can help you maintain sobriety.

1. Attend a Meeting

Communities and programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous can be extremely helpful during your recovery. However, if you have a limited ability to travel or you live in a rural area, it can be hard to find and get to a local meeting. It can also be difficult to connect with your sponsor. According to Gadzooki, “AA, NA, or CA participants can set up virtual meetings online through the support of Skype and other mobile communication programs.” That way, you can participate in meetings, connect with others, or just listen online.

2.Connect With a Community

Social media has brought us many niche communities, and these include communities of people in recovery. You can join groups that are public, private, or secret. Many people meet those they can share with easily online, and sometimes it can be easier to share there than in person at first. Ultimately, you may find that you make friends who you want to meet with in real life as well. Look for groups focused on sobriety or recovery on Facebook. You can also document your story and follow the stories of others on Twitter and Instagram by looking for those hashtags. Many of these accounts share personal stories; they also post motivational quotes and other inspiration for you. Sobriety

3. Use Your Apps

Are you trying to achieve better health? Using apps can help you improve your mental and physical health. Look online for:
  • Mindfulness apps to help you meditate and relax
  • The 12-step app, which helps you find meetings, meditate, and track your information
  • Sober Grid, which is similar to Facebook for those in recovery
  • Apps that track the time that you have been sober
  • Other health apps, such as fitness trackers, sleep trackers, and food trackers, so that you can work on many different aspects of wellness to support your recovery

4. Share Your Story

If you would like to document your recovery or if you think that your story is one that you would like to share, you can do so online. According to The Fix, “being open about your journey on social media allows others to understand sobriety in a way they may not otherwise.” You could start a blog or update friends through social media posts. You do not need to share if it makes you feel uncomfortable, but it can also be a way to connect with others who are going through something similar or to tell your friends more about what it is like to work for sobriety. You can get sober without the help of technology. However, it can be helpful to use technological tools as part of your recovery. Connecting with support, talking with new friends who understand where you are coming from, and pursuing new life habits– all of these activities can happen in person and can be facilitated by technological tools as well. Would you like to find out more about tech tools that can support your sobriety? Contact us today!
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