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Alumni Resources

When you’re in treatment for substance abuse, you take the first steps toward sobriety with others on the same recovery journey. You share stories and struggles for hours with the same faces every day, learning from each other in different ways. For many, the connections formed carry them through the ups and downs of the early stages of treatment. But what happens after your last day together?

That’s where the Advanced Recovery Systems Alumni Group comes in. This group was made specifically for alumni like you as a strong foundation for your continued healing. It’s your space to reconnect with others from your treatment facility, ask questions and get answers, find support and encouragement, and get to know your point of contact for all things alumni. Your continued sobriety is something to be celebrated every day, so join your peers in the Advanced Recovery Systems Alumni Group today!

Read the Alumni Blog

The ARS alumni blog offers insight for treatment and beyond.

The alumni blog is a resource dedicated to helping past and current clients and their loved ones during and after treatment. It provides helpful tips and advice on recovery and the post-treatment process.


Find Recovery Resources Near You

Find local supportive resources for your recovery.

Encouragement from others is key in recovery and beyond. Find an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) chapter in your area, or connect with other local meetings to support your continued sobriety.


Share Your Story

Share your story of addiction and healing.

We believe in the power of storytelling and the strength of communities, and we’d love you to share your “addiction to recovery” journey with us. Your story could be featured on our alumni blog, Facebook group and newsletter.


Calculate the Length of Your Sobriety

Calculate your sobriety down to the minute.

See how many years, days and even seconds you’ve been sober. Having access to our sobriety calculator allows you to remember all that you’ve accomplished during your journey to recovery, which is certainly something to celebrate!


Attend an Upcoming Event

Attend an upcoming alumni event near you.

Join us for our alumni events as we get together to celebrate recovery! Click below to find out about upcoming and past events in your area.


Join our Alumni Facebook Group

Join the ARS alumni Facebook group today.

You’re never alone in recovery. The Advanced Recovery Systems Alumni Group is a place where alumni can come together to find support on their recovery journey.

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