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Adelle Buede

The Recovery Village Ridgefield
Community Outreach Director
Admissions: 866-891-6334
[email protected]

In 2014, Adelle started a holistic and wellness center with her mother. She developed the business and marketing plan, increased revenue, and oversaw the hiring process for new employees. In 2015, Adelle stepped into the behavioral health industry helping a small company develop and establish a marketing strategy. She created tracking sheets and key performance indicators as well as increased admissions by 171%. In December of 2016, she was hired as a business development rep at one of the largest corporations in the industry. She created and implemented a marketing strategy for a region that was untouched, she secured a national contract with the VA, and she won the company award for “Most New Business.” Most recently, her work have expanded to develop the entire western region for and earned her the company “MVP” award.

In addition to Adelle’s experience professionally, her personal experience is also a driving force behind this business. Her passion for helping people grew in 2011 when she spent 6 months in Nepal volunteering. After battling with her own addiction, she knew she had a calling to help people. She was a featured speaker for the We Movement organization, speaking to audiences as large at 16,000 people. Her advocacy efforts have been published in the NY Times and she has appeared on several major news stations. There is no shortage of treatment centers in the United States, yet success rates have gone down. Her passion is to represent a treatment program that will change the lives of each individual that walks through the doors.

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