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No parent wants to discover that their child has an addiction, but according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40 percent of high school seniors say they’ve used a drug at least once in the past year. Next Generation Village is a retreat for teenagers who find themselves in the clutches of addiction and a place where they can learn to cope with their struggle one day at a time.

Who We Are

When a teenager or adolescent falls into the grip of drugs or alcohol, they have special needs that must be met before they can overcome their addiction. Teens who abuse drugs and alcohol are often also struggling with other issues that plague young adults during their formative years — peer pressure, academic stress, body image and others. Being a teen is hard, and we are here to address those challenges along with drug and alcohol dependence. Next Generation Village, which treats youths ages 13–17, is the place where your teen can hit restart on these important years and learn to cope in the real world after rehab. With support from doctors, therapists and dietitians, your teen will find trust and honesty in our staff, which will help them find their footing and build self-confidence.

The Setting

Just south of Central Florida in the serene small town of Sebring, Next Generation Village is situated on the shores of Lake Sebring, where snowy egrets, white-tailed deer and softshell turtles make their home by the calm waters. Your child will feel secluded from the real world, ensconced in a quiet, relaxing environment that is conducive to reflection and self-discovery. Next Generation Village has 40 beds, which means that all of our residents receive specialized treatment tailored to their needs. With a limited number of clients, we can guarantee your child will spend more time with doctors and therapists and forge deeper connections with their peers.

The Staff

What’s special about the team at Next Generation Village? Our medical professionals possess the experience to connect with and understand your teen’s struggle. When you choose Next Generation Village, you’re choosing a team of support staff dedicated to advocating for you to your insurance company and making sure you get the best care possible. All you have to do is focus on your child and their recovery.
James Drury, DO Medical Director
Brandi Filppula, RN Admissions Director
Kelly Lill, PhD Clinical Director
Julie Spang Director of Nursing

On-Campus Amenities

While your child is on campus at Next Generation Village, they’ll have all the tools they need for a successful recovery, including recreational activities. It’s important for your child to build healthy relationships with their peers, and we provide structured time for them to socialize and be kids. At Next Generation Village, we have a pool, lakeside activities, basketball courts, a gym and lounge area. All meals are prepared by our on-site chef, and your child can expect three nutritious meals per day, plus a snack. Additionally, specialized meals for allergies and intolerances are available. Our facility is also wheelchair accessible.
  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Lounge area
  • Lakeside activities
  • Basketball courts

Academic Opportunities

Just because your child is in rehab doesn’t mean their schoolwork has to suffer. The staff at Next Generation Village recognizes that learning can continue even through the emotional and physical requirements of rehab. We employ educators and tutors who will provide individualized academic support, as well as continuing life skills, to your teen during their treatment program.

Gender-Specific Treatment

Girls and boys tend to have different struggles and needs during rehab. That’s why, at Next Generation Village, we focus on recovery in a same-gender environment, without the distractions of the opposite sex. Living arrangements and most therapy groups are separated by gender. Interaction between the genders is limited and supervised, emphasizing healthy communication that teens can translate to the outside world.

Levels of Care

Between care for drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorder counseling and nutritive therapy, and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, Next Generation Village provides a full range of rehabilitation therapies. We use evidence-based scientific therapies that have been proven effective for teens because adolescents often respond differently to treatments typically used on adults.
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    Drug Detox

    The days of detoxification are usually the most difficult of any rehab stay. Luckily, at Next Generation Village, our staff of medical professionals will be with your child at every stage of the process to ensure that they’re as comfortable as possible and completely safe.
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    Inpatient Treatment

    In residential treatment, your child will live alongside other teens who are struggling with many of the same issues they are. Your teen will receive intensive treatment in an environment removed from the temptations and triggers that threaten their recovery. Teens are separated by gender in modern, comfortable rooms, and you’ll be able to visit your child and participate in family therapy at the discretion of the treatment team.
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    Relapse Prevention

    Rehab may take only 28 days of your child’s life, but recovery is a lifelong process. At Next Generation Village, we follow treatment protocols to ensure that graduates of our rehab program have the tools they’ll need not just for their recovery in adolescence, but throughout their lives.
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    Our full continuum of care ensures that your child will continue to receive adequate support to help them thrive in the days and years beyond treatment. Aftercare services include therapy sessions and group counseling as well as 12-step groups.

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