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Making the transition from a residential rehabilitation center to life in the outside world can be challenging. At Next Step Village, our main goal is to help you transition seamlessly. A full schedule of activities, support meetings, one-on-one career counseling and job placement services make our recovery residences safe and secure places where you can take your next step into life in recovery.

Who We Are

Next Step Village is a community of three residences. Two are located in Eustis, Florida, one hour north of Orlando, and one is in Maitland, Florida, just a few minutes outside the metro Orlando area. Our main priority is your success in recovery, and we continue to improve our programming at Next Step Village to help our residents achieve that success. Our motto is “strength in numbers,” and when you’re surrounded by inspiring and motivated individuals who are making strides in their lives, you’ll feel uplifted and inspired, too.

What Are Recovery Residences?

Aftercare is one of the main tenets of addiction recovery. After successfully completing residential rehab, you have the option to move to one of our recovery residences, where you’ll transition from a full-time rehab center to living a normal daily life in long-term recovery. Each day, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to achieve your goals. Whether you yearn for healthy relationships with friends and family, a fulfilling job or simply to live a productive life outside the shackles of your addiction, you can realize those goals. Recovery should be rewarding, and that’s our main focus.
By building a community together, you’ll feel connected to many other individuals in recovery. You can lean on your peers, as well as our staff, when the challenges of recovery start to set in. You are not alone at Next Step Village, and there is always someone you can talk to for support and inspiration. Through emphasis on accountability, support, safety and socialization, Next Step Village can prepare you for a successful life outside rehab but inside the parameters of sobriety.

Personalized Treatment from Caring Staff

Every two weeks, the staff from Next Step Village comes together to discuss every client individually. We determine what the best next steps will be based on each client’s progress. This kind of individualized plan helps our clinicians identify potential challenges, sometimes even before they happen, and give you the tools you need to face them head-on.  
Michael Griggs Senior House Manager
Troy Nielsen National Director of Aftercare Services
Other staff members are on-site 24/7 to meet our clients’ needs. Once you meet them, you’ll see that their main mission is to spread joy among our clients and make them feel comfortable, safe and at home.

Life at Next Step Village

While there are strict regulations and the hard work of recovery to be done at Next Step Village, it’s also important that our clients enjoy life while in our care.

Phase 1

All clients enter the program in Phase 1. Here, you will learn the ropes of living in recovery residences, find a sponsor, attend 12-step meetings each day and fulfill your duties as a community member. You will also attend weekly group and individual therapy sessions. At this phase, our clients are limited to remaining within the grounds of Next Step Village. Luckily, there are plenty of activities and amenities at Next Step Village that will make daily life both fun and productive:
  • Volleyball courts
  • Determining willingness to make changes
  • Movie theater/screening room
  • Community kitchen and dining room
  • Yoga
  • Library
But just because you’re in Phase 1 doesn’t mean you’re stuck on campus. Our staff plans outings for our clients to experience all the area has to offer, including kayak trips, team competitions and attendance at events sponsored by recovery groups.

Phases 2 and 3

Once clients have found a sponsor and the staff has determined that they’re ready to move on to Phases 2 and 3, they’ll start looking for a job outside our residences. Career counselors are available to assist our clients with:
  • Looking for a job
  • Deciding on a career to pursue
  • Writing a resume
  • Making appointments for interviews
  • Getting to and from interviews or job sites
During Phases 2 and 3, clients are allowed to exit the premises. They can stay with friends or family over a weekend (with approval from staff) and can hold a job. While it’s important for us to help our clients transition into daily life outside rehab, it’s also imperative that we take care of their minds and bodies by ensuring that they don’t relapse. That’s why Phase 2 and 3 clients will take a drug test on return from any activity outside Next Step Village. This helps keep our clients and residents safe.

Communities of Care

Among our three communities that make up Next Step Village, we enjoy a 90 percent success rate with our clients. Our three residential communities include:
Next Step Village Female Sober Home

Female Sober Home

Eustis, Florida 13 beds
Next Step Village Male Sober Home

Male Sober Home

Eustis, Florida 15 beds
Next Step Village Co-ed Sober Apartments

Co-Ed Sober Living Apartments (separated by gender)

Maitland, Florida 68 beds
During your stay at Next Step Village residences, you must follow guidelines that you might not be used to.

Living arrangements

Each room has two beds, so all of our clients live with a roommate. This helps with accountability. The only cooking and eating that takes place on campus is in our communal kitchen and dining room. We also perform random checks to ensure that there are no drugs or alcohol on the premises. Each room has a waterfront view. Bathrooms are shared.


Visitors must sign in at the front desk and must wear a badge at all times. No visitor is allowed in a resident’s room. Sponsors can have individual meetings in the lobby or reception area or in the clubhouse as long as there is staff supervision. Our clients are encouraged to spend time with their loved ones, but if friends or family come to visit, those visits must remain in common areas. At Next Step Village, we believe that positive affirmation and positive interaction with the outside world is how our clients find success in recovery. It is possible to live a healthy, happy life in long-term recovery, and Next Step Village is an essential stepping stone to a better life.

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