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At Advanced Recovery Systems, we are humbled to hear the kind words from our clients, their family members, referring doctors, firefighting professionals, and countless others about our facilities and team members. We love knowing that the work we do helps people break the chains of addiction and that we’re bringing smiles to so many faces. Our admission representatives, intake coordinators, and facility staff members all share the same goal of helping clients down the road to recovery, and we’re grateful for those who take the time to let us know how we’re doing.

“Kevin makes the referral process simple and easy for professionals, families, and patients alike. I know when I point someone in Kevin’s direction, he will ensure the patient reaches only the best substance abuse and eating disorder treatment. He shows compassion through active listening and proper guidance. Kevin has an incredible skill at taking what can be a chaotic time and making it a simple choice to access professional care swiftly and easily.”Sarah M., Director of Admissions
“Myrrhanda, thank you for making the trip to Wisconsin to share the immense importance of this great partnership with the IAFF and Advanced Recovery Systems. Your message is very appreciated!”Jerry Biggart, Education and EMS Chair, Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
“Ryan, it’s been so great working with you. You always go above and beyond for our patients by taking the time to talk to them and help them no matter what situation they are in.” Nicole Sweat, Lakeland Regional Health Behavioral Health Specialist Supervisor
“Thank you for meeting with our executive board and the members from our EAP clinical team. After today, I believe our clinicians saw the importance of sending our members to an IAFF specific treatment program.” Paul Motondo, President, L0280 Syracuse
“Thanks again for your presentations at our district meetings. If there is anything the OAPFF can do to help your efforts, please let us know. Stay safe.”Bill Mastroainni, Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters
“Kevin made admissions to ORC easy and quick. Dr Huckaby is super knowledgeable, and you cannot find a better addictions MD in Orlando.”Patient, Orlando Recovery Center
“Ryan, I have no words to tell you how much I appreciate the efforts and time you put into getting my grandson Matthew placed into Orlando Recovery Center. For the first time in a very long time, we have a ray of hope that Matthew will grab onto this opportunity and run with it. Up to yesterday, the phone call we were waiting for was one telling us that our beloved child, grandchild, brother, etc. had been found dead, but instead, your phone call was one of hope, light and a life worth living for this young man. I can only pray there will be follow-up care that Matt will be eligible for; he needs long-term help. You, Ryan, are the light we have been seeking, the hope for Matt to live a normal peaceful life, and for this chance I thank you with all my heart. His parents thank you for giving him this opportunity. Thank you!”Kathy, Patient Family Member
“Ryan takes his job very seriously and is always helpful and efficient while dealing with a very sensitive subject. As a practicing Florida physician for the past 30 years, I feel that his excellent work ethic should be noted.”Dr. Michael G. Neam
“Kacie Chelli is AMAZING! She helped me all day with endless calls, emails and texts on Labor Day, getting Jake approved and approved for admission to the Oxford Treatment Center in Etta, MS. Kacie also showed up for the court hearing the following morning. Kacie committed to me that she would stay there ALL DAY to be there for Jake when he got bailed out. Promise made, promise kept. I have been a serial entrepreneur for decades. Super dedicated individuals displaying such a high level of continued excellence is rare. Kacie is truly A+ and steps up to levels that no job description could possibly capture. Kacie Chelli is ‘aces’ in my book, and I can tell you that not a lot of people I know, employ, or work with meet her standards of performance. To date, I continue to weigh in with her on status updates and to receive guidance on the issues that continue to come at us. If she does not answer her phone, she always gets back to me immediately. 100% responsive 100% of the time.” Patient Family Member
“Erin and the team at The Recovery Village Columbus were a pleasure to deal with. I am very confident that the gentleman I referred is in great hands! Thanks to you all for a fast and wonderful job helping this man!”Bradley Tolle
“Please accept my most heartfelt thanks for EVERYTHING you did for us in the last few weeks, Ryan. You were incredibly generous with your time, and so caring, communicative, and helpful, and I want you to know how much it meant to me to have your help during a very confusing and often frustrating process. Advanced Recovery Systems is very fortunate to have you as a partner on their team.”Melinda, Patient Family Member
“From the minute I called Recovery Village, everyone I talked to was so kind and genuine and took the extra time to talk to me. You can tell they really care about people. My son has been struggling for a long time, and Brandon really went above and beyond what I would expect anyone to do in our situation. I can’t express how grateful I am that he crossed in my son’s path. He has also been a huge help to me in many ways. Thank you so much, Recovery Village!” Patient Family Member
“As a professional in the behavioral health industry and owner of an outpatient treatment center, it’s so nice to work with a group of individuals that cares so much about putting the patient first. I’ve worked with Brandon for so many years, and he always goes the extra mile to help get someone into treatment. The Recovery Village in Ridgefield, WA, offers a great co-occurring disorder residential treatment center with some of the highest qualified staff in the state. I would highly recommend reaching out to them if you know someone that needs help with their addiction.” Professional in the Behavioral Health Industry
“I have worked with Ryan for several years now, and have nothing but great things to say. I am a ‘new-aged’ sort of social worker, on a very busy and chaotic inpatient mental health unit, so the ability to text him on the go is such a lifesaver. He answers my questions promptly, and checks insurance benefits within an hour. I have a complete discharge plan for my patient within a very short period of time, which is almost unheard of. When ORC or Recovery Village isn’t the best option, or the insurance isn’t in-network, Ryan works diligently to provide alternatives to their program to ensure that the patient is taken care of. It’s obvious that Ryan cares about the patients and their stories, as does the entirety of his company. It is a pleasure to have him as a part of my discharge team!” Kelly, Inpatient Behavioral Health Counselor/Social Worker, Flagler Hospital
“Erin Willis and the entire team at Recovery Village are exceptional. The Creed of Recovery was very impressed by their quality of patient care and prompt response at every level. Their programs and facility are the best by far in the state of Ohio. Erin Willis’s personal dedication to not only the patients and families, but professionals is extraordinary.”Andria Evans, Chief Executive Officer at The Creed of Recovery, LLC
“It’s easy to trust Brandon; he puts the patient first, and I appreciate his diligence in getting the patient placed, even if it is not with Recovery Village. I appreciate that I can call Brandon, and he will try to help our patients in any way he can. Recovery Village has a lot to offer, and I would not hesitate to refer to Recovery Village.” Anonymous
“Kevin understands addictions, addictive behavior and the treatment process. He has always made himself available to assist my clients and their loved ones on the journey of recovery.” Donald J. McHenry CCDC, BRI-II
“James Madison is a wonderful, compassionate man who was our initial contact with Orlando Recovery Center when we sought treatment for our son after he experienced a relapse. James’ calm demeanor and caring attitude helped put our son at ease and reduced his stress about entering treatment. As we did not have any family or friends in Florida, James coordinated our son’s pick up and transport to treatment seamlessly, despite very challenging circumstances. James also kept in regular contact with my wife and I, who live out of state, to give us frequent updates on his status and eventual safe arrival at the treatment center. James’ care and concern for our son was above and beyond our expectations, and we are grateful. And his interest in our son did not stop there. James reached out to him after he had completed treatment and offered encouragement and support at a time when he needed it most. We are very thankful for everything he has done for our son and our family.” Kerry, Father of Patient
“I was at TRV from Oct 14 – Jan 15. The staff was great, and I learned how to get to the root of my addiction. I also met people who I have stayed in touch with, and I truly believe those relationships will be what keeps me above water from now on. I was so pleased with what I learned and experienced that when my son came to me about his addiction and wanted help, I immediately contacted TRV and had him there. He is still in their sober living program and is happier than he has ever been. Thank you, TRV.” Patient Family Member
“When I refer individuals and their families to work with Ryan, I know they will be working with someone who is empathetic, patient and well-educated in the field of mental health and addiction. Ryan works hard to make the referral process as efficient as possible , and he is always willing to look for alternative resources, if needed. Ryan acts as a strong advocate for his clients to ensure they get the services and treatment they need. It is because of this that I always consider Ryan and his team when referring individuals and their families to mental health and substance use treatment.” Paige Rauscher, LMHC, Treatment Coordinator at Central Florida Behavioral Hospital
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