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Why Refer to Us


At Advanced Recovery Systems, we believe full recovery is within reach for everyone who seeks it. Our mission is to help these individuals break the chains of their addictions, but that’s only part of our goal. We also make every effort to ensure that our clients have the ability to enroll in a program and receive treatment as conveniently as possible. However, we understand that no two persons are exactly alike when it comes to their struggles with substances or mental illness. That’s why we personalize our programs and include a life-long support, in addition to various forms of therapy during treatment.

We have been helping people down the road to recovery for years, and we look forward to furthering our mission in the coming years. We also hope to continue providing exceptional care to anyone seeking help for their addictions. There are several factors of our company that have helped make us the choice for rehabilitation for thousands of men, women and young adults. If you’re looking for a rehab facility that offers comprehensive, evidence-based treatment by experienced, caring professionals, look no further than Advanced Recovery Systems.

Dedicated Community Outreach Team

The work we do at Advanced Recovery Systems would not be possible if it weren’t for our hardworking team. We are pleased to have outreach professionals who are passionate about educating the community about substance abuse and mental illness, as well as the treatment options for these disorders. Our community outreach team coordinates with everyone involved at every level of health care to make this possible, including:

  • Health care providers
  • Hospitals
  • Behavioral and psychiatric units
  • Therapists and outpatient providers
  • Emergency departments

The team regularly participates in events throughout the community with the goal of helping more people get the treatment they need and to help prevent substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Convenient Enrollment Process

Our experience working with various health care professionals allows us to make the referral, admission and discharge processes easy and convenient. Don’t stress. We take care of all the necessary details with:

  • Instant insurance verification of active coverage
  • Real-time benefits check
  • Same day approval for admissions
  • 24/7/365 availability to help coordinate admissions

Our No. 1 priority is to help anyone seeking treatment to receive it by directing them to the appropriate facility, even if it’s not an Advanced Recovery Systems center. With intake coordinators available around the clock, we believe anyone looking for treatment or information regarding options for treatment should be able to receive it, and that’s why we’re here.

Personalized Treatment for Every Client

At Advanced Recovery Systems, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” treatment approach. Instead, we personalize our treatment programs to meet the individual, unique needs of each and every client we meet. This approach includes:

  • Free clinical assessment, reviewed by licensed staff to determine proper level of treatment
  • Full continuum of care, including medical detox, inpatient care, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient care, outpatient care and aftercare
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders, including depression, anxiety and eating disorders
  • Comprehensive therapy options consisting of SMART and evidenced-based, 12-step, holistic, group, family and individual therapy
  • Alumni support group that includes graduates of a treatment program who are currently in recovery
  • Life-long support with a personal coordinator after treatment who is available to call or email any time for anything

We Look Forward to Working With You

We are committed to working with our referring partners to provide an excellent service to our clients. The community outreach team is always available to discuss and provide support to you in dealing with your clinical cases. You can learn more about our team or about our facilities by clicking the links below. If you have any questions about Advanced Recovery Systems, feel free to give us a call. We look forward to working with you!

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