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Winter Park, FL: Peer Services: The Basics, Training Services and Effectiveness



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Advanced Recovery Systems invites you to our Continuing Education Event!

Presenters: Yasmin Flasterstein, Dani Hill, CRPS, NCPS, MSW Intern, and Eva Fajardo


  • Following the Pulse tragedy, Yasmin worked as the Program Director of Mental Health Association of Central Florida’s Orlando United Counseling program. As she helped to get long-term counseling to those affected by the Pulse tragedy, Yasmin also wanted to assure individuals used the available services by tackling the stigma of mental health that existed for LGBTQ+, Latinx, black and immigrant communities. This experience, as well as personal experience, led Yasmin to create Peer Support Space, which aims to fill gaps in a revolving door mental health system by providing culturally-competent, trauma-informed, approachable, and affordable, peer services for underserved communities most affected by mental health stigma. Since January, Peer Support Space has provided free services to over 2,500 individuals and is on its way to opening Central Florida’s first peer-led respite center. Yasmin also works as a WRAP Facilitator, is the facilitator for Butterfly Talks, is a founding leader of Orlando Trans Collective, and sits on the Board of Directors for One Orlando Alliance, Central Florida Cares and Peer Support Coalition of Florida. Yasmin is openly bisexual and is passionate about advocating against bi-erasure within the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, she is passionate about breaking the mental health stigma that leaves people suffering alone and not seeking out help. Yasmin has PTSD, Dissociative Disorder and is a suicide survivor and uses this experience professionally to help others. In her spare time, Yasmin enjoys dancing, making collages, and playing with her dog DeeDee.

  • Dani is Co-Founder and Director of Peer Services for Peer Support Space, Inc. where they are dedicated to promoting the advancement of comprehensive, accessible peer-led mental health support in Central Florida. They have a background in nonprofit program development, domestic violence advocacy, and is pursuing a Masters in Social Work at the University of Central Florida. Dani is a Florida State and Nationally Certified Peer Specialist who leverages lived experiences to empathetically support others as they heal. Prior to their current position, Dani led the Mental Health Connections program and founded Orlando United Counseling at the Mental Health Association of Central Florida following the Pulse tragedy to ensure that impacted community members had access to free emotional support and counseling (where she met Yasmin). Together they collaboratively worked together to ensure compassionate, quality care was provided to vulnerable survivors, families, and community members. Today, Dani and Yasmin carry on that same spirit of community betterment through mental health support through the work done at Peer Support Space. Dani is currently the Executive Board Secretary for the Peer Support Coalition of Florida and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Central Florida. Dani currently provides emotional support counseling to survivors of domestic violence through her clinical internship at SafeHouse of Seminole

  • Eva Fajard took on the role of listener, counselor, and confidant early in life. She learned about Psychology in middle school and declared it her major in college. She graduated in 1973 with a degree in Psychology from the University of Florida. Her life then took many turns including a divorce from her high school sweetheart. From there, Eva got involved with a mystical school, left Gainesville to San Francisco, Vancouver, Canada, Miami, back to Gainesville, NYC, Hawaii, back to NYC and ended up back in Miami, her hometown. Eva had experienced a spiritual crisis which was diagnosed as Schizophrenia. She was put on medication and started a long journey that she describes as the long dark night of the soul phase of her life. This lasted around six years until she emerged with the help of 12 step programs and support of family and friends. She got off medication and moved to Orlando. A year later, she was working at an addiction treatment center, and two years later in the master’s program for an MA in Counseling. Eva then worked 35 years in several positions from intake counselor to clinical director at three different addiction treatment agencies and later maintained a private practice, working with adults, individuals and couples counseling, also offering workshops and groups with an Integrative Mental Health orientation. Eva now spends her early retirement as the Board President of Peer Support Space. She sees the need for major changes in the mental health field. Eva believes in the power of peer support and sees it as many threads in the fabric of this major change happening.

Presenter Topic: Peer Services: The Basics, Training Services and Effectiveness 

Topic Description:

Peer Support Space Inc. is a grassroots organization, led by and for those in recovery from
mental health challenges, trauma, grief, substance use issues, or other obstacles to wellness.
We use, and help others use, the power of lived experience to support, educate, and guide one
another while providing additional, free options for mental wellness.


1. Attendees will gain a basic knowledge of what a peer specialist is and the training required to become certified.

2. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of the success of peer recovery communities in other states and learn about local efforts to advance peer services locally

3. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of services available through Peer Support Space

Credit Hours: 2

Continuing Education credit hours will be awarded as accredited by NBCC. Attendees will need to contact their governing body in order to have credits applied. The exception would be nurses that would go through CE Brokers. Priority seating is reserved for individuals receiving Continuing Education Credit.


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Check in & Introductions

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Speaker Presentation



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