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5 Tips to Help You Repair Your Finances After Rehab


December 18, 2017

After you get out of rehab, you are faced with many different tasks. These tasks can seem overwhelming and could make you want to go back to the safety of focusing on a single thing, recovery. However, to return to a full life in the community, you need to consider how you can manage the past parts of your life. This includes tasks like managing your budget and seeking further resources for financial management so that your finances do not trigger extra emotional challenges in your life. How can get you get control of your finances after rehab?

1. Know Your Financial Situation 

Addiction can be expensive. According to Credit, “many addicts ignore necessary bills, blow through earnings, deplete savings, and borrow extensively from friends and relatives.” Add expenses for rehab and the challenges of finding or maintaining a job before or after rehab, and you could have a very challenging financial picture. Look for assistance as you strive to understand your finances, restructure debt, and pay off debts in the best possible way.

2. Create a Budget 

Going to rehab helps you create new habits, and some of these habits involve impulse control. Controlling your actions in the moment also applies to your financial health. It is easy for budgets to run amok if you spend money that you do not have, just because you want something.

3. Know What You Need 

Impulsive spending can be a common problem among people who have other challenges with addiction. Take some time to assess what you actually need, and separate your needs from your wants. This will not only help you create your budget, it will also help you stick with it in the moment.

After rehab

4. Look for Resource People 

You have support to help you break free of the pull of your addiction. Can you find similar support to help you navigate your finances? If financial management is not your forte, then you could find yourself struggling, feeling stress, and unraveling when it comes to the day-to-day management of your finances. Look for a financial coach or advisor who can help you examine your budget, learn how to manage your finances, and who can coach you through knotty problems.

5. Take Steps Toward Financial Recovery 

Financial recovery and recovery from substance abuse can go hand in hand. For example, making a budget or creating payment plans helps you feel a certain amount of control over your life and your debt. Getting a new job helps you find security and feel like you are taking steps toward managing your finances in the future. Most of all, paying off old debts incurred from drug or alcohol addiction can make you feel like you are closing that particular chapter of your life for good.

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