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Kacie Chelli

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
State Outreach Director
Admissions: 866-611-4364
[email protected]

Kacie has her M.S. in clinical psychology. Previously, she was employed with American Addiction Centers, where she helped people find appropriate care to begin their journey in recovery. She also worked at an outpatient facility in Pennsylvania for about three years where she ran an adult day program, including intensive outpatient counseling, outpatient group, and individuals, as well as assessments. Prior to working in the substance abuse field, Kacie worked with traumatic brain injuries as a certified brain injury specialist and worked in both group and individual setting. At Advanced Recovery Systems, she is proud to work alongside a tight-knit team of incredibly passionate staff members who strive to make a difference in their clients’ lives

What are you most passionate about, in regards to working with ARS?
Helping those who are ready to take the first step to get their life back on track. I find those who are seeking help to be extremely courageous, and I admire their strength.

What are some of your hobbies and passions outside of work?
Hiking, working out, cooking, spending time with my husband and furchildren — three dogs and a horse

What are your top three bucket list items?
Travel as much as possible — Europe, Egypt and as many islands as possible (Iceland, Shetland Islands, Galapagos) — go scuba diving and meet Troy Polamalu

“Kacie Chelli is AMAZING! She helped me all day with endless calls, e-mails & texts on Labor Day, getting Jake approved and approved for admission to the Oxford Treatment Center in Etta, MS. Kacie also showed up for the court hearing the following morning. Kacie committed to me that she would stay there ALL DAY to be there for Jake when he got bailed out. Promise made, promise kept. I have been a serial entrepreneur for decades, and super dedicated individuals displaying such a high level of continued excellence is rare. Kacie is truly A+ and steps up to levels that no job description could possibly capture. Kacie Chelli is aces in my book, and I can tell you that not a lot of people I know, employ, or work with meet her standards of performance. To date, I continue to weigh in with her on status updates and to receive guidance on the issues that continue to come at us. If she does not answer her phone, she always gets back to me immediately. 100% responsive 100% of the time.” Mother of a patient
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