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Kevin Reese

State Outreach Director
Admissions: ​
[email protected]

After pursuing a life-long goal of a career in real estate (including being awarded Two Times Sales Representative), Kevin Reese saw his life spiraling out of control at the hands of addiction. Despite his successful 15-year career, he found truth and peace after reaching out for help. Now more than seven years in recovery, he is the community outreach director for The Recovery Village. Kevin is very passionate about the work he does, simply because he’s helping people who are in the situation he was once in. He strives to be the person who will pick up the phone when someone calls and will be able to guide them on the path to recovery. He enjoys being the first point of contact and understands how to best aid the individual and their family.

In your opinion, what sets us apart from other organizations and treatment centers?
We are a client-first company, from the discussions our CEOs have, to our intake coordinators we truly care about how our patients are doing.

What are some of your hobbies and passions outside of work?
I love to fish, but more importantly, be around my niece and nephew.

“Kevin makes the referral process simple and easy for professionals, families, and patients alike. I️ know when I point someone in Kevin’s direction, he will ensure the patient reaches only the best substance abuse and eating disorder treatment. He shows compassion through active listening and proper guidance. Kevin has an incredible skill at taking what can be a chaotic time and making it a simple choice to access professional care swiftly and easily. “Sarah M., Director of Admissions
“Kevin understands addictions, addictive behavior and the treatment process. He has always made himself available to assist my clients and their loved ones on the journey of recovery.”Donald J. M. CCDC, BRI-II
“I have worked with Kevin for many years. His dedication and passion for helping others and professionalism is by far the greatest I have ever seen.”Windy M., Business Development Specialist
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