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Lindsey Bonifacio

Orlando Recovery Center
Community Outreach Associate
Admissions: 855-445-5373

Lindsey Bonifacio graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2002. Since then, she has worked in the healthcare field and has partnered with physicians in numerous therapeutic areas. As a Community Outreach Associate with the Orlando Recovery Center, she wants to utilize her knowledge of the healthcare field, along with her current relationships in the Ft. Myers & Naples area to provide a critical link between practitioners and clinicians and the patients in the area seeking treatment.

She hopes to do this by partnering with industry professionals to spread the word about Orlando Recovery Center, and streamline the referral process in order to simplify it for these professionals and the families they work with.

Lindsey’s background spans numerous therapeutic areas across the industry, which makes her well-positioned for her role at Orlando Recovery Center. Her ability to build relationships with many different people in the area has allowed her to be a vital connection to resources which practitioners may not have been previously aware of.

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