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How Long Should You Stay in a Sober House after Rehab?


March 4, 2018

You have completed rehab, and you feel like you are on the right path. In order to stay on that path, you are looking for more support as well. As you transition from rehab to living back at home, you could choose to stay in a sober house as part of your addiction recovery. What does this look like, and how long should you stay to get results that will stay with you? 

What Is Sober Living?

Addiction recovery is not like baking. You do not go into rehab and come out completely done. In fact, recovery is a process, and it is one that can be more intense at times and less at others. You will be working on this process for a long time, and you need to decide what support you need during each part of your recovery. 

According to Recovery Village, "sober living is an excellent option for people in recovery who have a solid foundation based on medical and psychotherapeutic care as well as a rough idea of the direction they would like to head next in recovery."

Sober living homes vary. If you have been involved in a program that has a lot of support and you would like to continue this for a little longer, you could choose a home that involves therapy. If you would like to find a place where you can have overall support in a drug and alcohol-free environment, but you do not necessarily want intensive support such as therapy, you could look to a different sober living home. Choose the level of care and attention that are right for you.

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How Long Should You Stay?

There is no special amount of time that will keep you sober; this is up to you. However, you should consider the following factors when you are thinking about how long to stay in a sober living home: 

  • Do you have another place to live? If you cannot go home or your housing choices involve roommates who are not sober, then you should find a place to live that supports your new life. This can take time.
  • How are your support systems? Do you have family members, therapists, and programs to support you outside the sober house? 
  • How are you feeling? If you feel like you could easily relapse and you do not have strong programs and habits in place yet, it could be best to stay in a sober house that provides strong programs for you.
  • Do you want to move out? When you feel like it is time because you have moved to a positive, new phase of life, this is a good sign.
  • Sober living homes may also have rules about when you need to move on. Before you choose a place to stay, keep this in mind. If you feel like you will need six months of support, but the sober living home only provides a month-long stay, you may need to look for a different home.

At Advanced Recovery Systems, we want to ensure that you will not only make your way through rehab, you will also move out into your home and community with ease. When you are aiming for addiction recovery, talk with us about the option of staying in a sober house and about other support programs for those who are working to move on in their recovery journey. Contact us today.

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