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Addiction Information

Signs of Addiction

Recognizing the signs of addiction is the first step to getting help for yourself or guiding someone you care about to rehab.

Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

Recognize the causes, symptoms, and consequences of an alcohol use disorder and learn about the treatment and recovery from alcoholism and life after rehab.

Drug Abuse & Treatment for Drug Addiction

Learn about the most popular illicit drugs, common trends, the effects of drugs, and how to find help for drug abuse.

Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a highly addictive opioid drug. Addiction rates are at an all-time high, making the drug a problem of epidemic proportions. Learn more about the signs and risks of heroin addiction.

Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse

Since eating disorder recovery and ongoing addiction are so closely related, experts often recommend co-occurring therapies.

Process Addiction

While process addictions like this can look a lot like substance addictions, they aren’t always separate-but-equal entities.

Guide for Parents of Addicted Teens

This guide is for parents of teens struggling with substance abuse. Learn how to talk to your adolescent child and find help for drug or alcohol addiction.

Veterans: PTSD and Addiction

More than 20 percent of veterans with PTSD also abuse drugs or alcohol to cope with their symptoms. But treatment is available and recovery is possible.

Drug Treatment

Treatment Programs Overview

Whether the client requires treatment for alcohol abuse, opiate dependency, prescription drug abuse, or an eating disorder, our core mission is to empower and aid

Detox Programs

ARS detox programs utilize the latest evidence-based resources to make the detoxification process as safe, comfortable, and effective as possible.

Residential Programs

For individuals trying to overcome substance abuse or an eating disorder, residential treatment offers a respite from the stress and chaos of everyday life.

Outpatient Programs

In outpatient treatment, patients can attend therapy sessions, appointments, classes, meetings, or other recovery activities during daytime hours, while living in a private residence or a transitional housing environment.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Treatment for co-occurring disorders must begin with a complete neuropsychological evaluation to determine the patient’s needs, identify his or her personal strengths, and find potential barriers to recovery.

Rehab Costs and Payment Options

Learn about the cost of addiction treatment, insurance coverage and other payment options that make rehab affordable.

7 Effective Addiction Intervention Methods

There are seven methods of intervention that are widely used and condoned as the most professional ways of managing addicted patients.

The Science behind Drug Treatment

Addiction is a chronic disease that inflicts sufferers with a compulsion to continue using a substance despite the behavior causing serious distress and complications in their lives.

What the Affordable Care Act Means to the Treatment Industry

The Affordable Care Act — the ACA, for short — was signed into legislation under President Obama’s administration as a means to improve access to health care and affordable medical insurance

Unmasking Misleading Treatment Information

The search for a quality facility to treat your addiction with reliable procedures that are backed by research and tended to by skilled professionals isn’t one that should be taken lightly

Rehab Centers

How to Choose a Rehab Center: A Guide For Loved Ones

This guide explains the process of choosing the right rehab center for your loved one. With a list of factors to consider, questions to ask facilities and more, this guide will prepare you for making this major decision.

Amenities and Services Offered

Although drug rehab facilities are state-regulated entities, they are also private enterprises, and services can vary widely.

Teen Treatment

Nice amenities and beautiful grounds are two options programs can use in order to attract teens and help them to stay engaged in care.

The Staff Members

Treatment facilities have an executive and administrative staff that runs the day-to-day operations while the professional staff members provide the rehab services.


At ARS, we draw from a wide range of advanced treatments that cover a full continuum of care, from detox to residential treatment, outpatient services, aftercare, and sober living homes.

Overview of The Recovery Village

The staff at The Recovery Village believes that addictions aren’t just chemical problems. They’re also spiritual and emotional. They involve the way people think.