Our Story: Advanced Recovery Systems

Advanced Recovery Systems is a trusted, physician-led behavioral healthcare company dedicated to providing evidence-based, expert care for addiction and mental health conditions. 

A Nationwide Network of Treatment Centers

We work with health care providers, organizations and individuals to connect those in need to life-saving addiction treatment and mental health support that repairs lives, families and the surrounding communities. With centers across the U.S., we can help you or someone in  your care get treatment for substance use and mental health disorders.

Our Core Beliefs

At The Recovery Village at Baptist Health, our team believes:

  • Recovery is possible.
  • Patients deserve respectful, compassionate care.
  • Addiction can be treated with evidence-based treatment that is supported by research.
  • The mental and physical effects of addiction should be addressed together.
  • Addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment.

Our Philosophy

Advanced Recovery Systems treats addiction as a chronic, relapsing disease. Our holistic approach to patient care encompasses the mental, physical, and emotional symptoms while also addressing the underlying causes of addiction. We provide personalized treatment plans for each patient, including an aftercare plan that helps prevent relapse and enables long-term success in recovery.

Our Leadership Team

Our company is physician-led and combined, our clinical team holds thousands of credentials and hours treating addiction. These dedicated professionals lead treatment in our facilities nationwide. 

Dr. Mitchell Eisenberg, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Gold

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Brian Geraghty

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Katz

Vice President of Human Resources

Our History

Dr. Mitchell Eisenberg and Dr. Lewis Gold first co-founded Sheridan Healthcare in 1994. Under their leadership, Sheridan Healthcare grew from a single local practice to a national company in 23 states. After retiring from Sheridan Healthcare, the longtime business partners recognized an urgent need for high-quality, evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders and the underlying mental health conditions. They founded Advanced Recovery Systems to meet this need by delivering high quality care to save lives and repair families. 

The first Advanced Recovery Systems facility, The Recovery Village, opened in Umatilla, Florida in 2013. Since that time, the company has expanded into a national network of treatment centers that provide life-changing care and a pathway to long-term recovery for individuals struggling with substance use disorders. Since its founding, Advanced Recovery Systems has provided addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment to more than 45,000 people.