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Share Your Story

By sharing your testimony, you show others that they’re not alone. You can inspire others just like you to overcome their struggles and embrace hope for a brighter future. If you provide us with the basic points of your recovery journey, we can help craft your story. The details are up to you; share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Please answer each question below to the best of your ability and comfort level, and we’ll do the rest.

  1. Did you pursue treatment at The Recovery Village?
  2. Which of The Recovery Village facilities did you attend?
  3. Which program(s) or levels of care did you participate in?
  4. How long did you struggle with addiction before starting treatment?
  5. When (or what) was the turning point that prompted you to get help?
  6. Did a loved one or family member guide you to treatment?
  7. What lessons did you learn during rehab care?
  8. If you attended The Recovery Village, what did you benefit from the most during your stay?
  9. What (or who) are you most grateful for in recovery? Why?
  10. How long have you been sober?
  11. How do you stave off temptation or relapse?
  12. What advice would you give to others in recovery?

We look forward to hearing your story! Some stories will be shared on our alumni blog and Facebook.  Please email your answers to