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Orlando Recovery Center

Is entering residential or outpatient rehab your next step? Orlando Recovery Center’s certified staff of clinicians is ready to help you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction.

Who We Are

The Orlando Recovery Center offers a full continuum of care for drug and alcohol addiction as well as a holistic and thorough approach to treating co-occurring disorders. Our 93-bed facility in Central Florida is dedicated to 24-hour acute medical detox, primary residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and aftercare.

Orlando Recovery Center also has 14 beds dedicated to people with co-occurring eating disorders. Specialists and dietitians ensure that clients receive care for the complex medical issues that often accompany eating disorders, including dehydration and malnutrition.

The Setting

Our facility is located just outside downtown Orlando near the shores of beautiful Lake Ellenor. The center is surrounded by pine and scrub oak forest, where Spanish moss sways and the sound of the wind through the trees soothes the soul. Orlando Recovery Center is only 20 minutes from Orlando International Airport, and our discreet, 24-hour pick-up service will transport you safely from your arrival to admission into the center.

The Staff

Orlando Recovery Center takes pride in knowing that we are home to some of the best medical professionals in the nation. The center is headed by Medical Director Dr. Timothy Huckaby. Dr. Huckaby is triple board certified in pain medicine, addiction medicine and anesthesiology. The president of the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine, Huckaby has previously served as the chairman for the International Doctors of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Cortina Peters is the clinical director for Orlando Recovery Center, and her list of qualifications speaks volumes about the level of care you’ll receive at the center. She is a licensed mental health counselor, board-certified professional counselor, certified life coach, registered National Addictions Professional and an AASECT-certified sexuality educator. She has been a counselor since 2008 and started her career as a sexual health educator 15 years ago.

For 25 years, Beth Hellner, a registered nurse, has served patients to ensure the quality of their care. As director of nursing at Orlando Recovery Center, she oversees the care provided by the center’s nurses and encourages continuing excellence and education.

On-Campus Amenities

When it comes to treating addiction, we know you have to treat the whole person. That’s why Orlando Recovery Center has made amenities available for our clients to relax and rejuvenate their minds, bodies and spirits.

At Orlando Recovery Center, you’ll find:

  • Yoga
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Meditation classes

Rehab is difficult, and it’s important to allow time to recharge. These activities are designed to nourish the soul and exercise the body, both healthy activities that will help you rebuild a lifestyle you can sustain after rehab.

Treatment Options

Whether you’re seeking help for substance abuse, addiction, mental illnesses or eating disorders, the professionals at Orlando Recovery Center are prepared to address your needs.

At Orlando Recovery Center, you can expect an expansive treatment program that includes:

  • Safe and medically-assisted detox
  • Access to individual, family, group and couples therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Fitness therapy
  • Dietary planning
  • Full case management

Once you leave the center, you’ll be ready to face the challenges associated with your addiction. Our comprehensive aftercare program will provide the support and direction you need after treatment.

Levels of Care Offered

From detox through aftercare, Orlando Recovery Center offers a full continuum of care to maximize your chances of a successful recovery.


The detoxification process is your first step in becoming and staying sober. We use a combination of medications, talk therapy and alternative medicine to smooth your transition and make it as comfortable as possible.

Acute Program

For clients with serious addiction issues who require continuous care, the acute program at Orlando Recovery Center provides comprehensive support. Our team of specialists will supervise your daily progress, and you’ll provide feedback on what’s working and what isn’t.

Residential Treatment

Living on campus at Orlando Recovery Center can be integral in conquering your addiction and returning to life outside rehab. Residential – or inpatient — care allows your doctors and therapists to tailor your treatment plan to your individual needs. In our sober living homes, you’ll lean on the experiences of others and maybe even inspire your fellow residents to overcome their own obstacles.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our PHP program provides clients who have completed rehab with an opportunity to touch base with their doctors and therapists. You’ll review what you’ve learned, gather new tools for your recovery, share your sobriety experiences and get feedback on challenges and triumphs. With a PHP, you have the option to live on campus or off-site.

Co-occurring Disorder Treatment

When mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders or personality disorders, interfere with treatment, it’s paramount to treat those as well. Our staff is fully trained in both addiction medicine and co-occurring disorders, so clients with these challenges will have the opportunity to learn to manage them with therapy and medication.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

In our intensive outpatient program, clients live at home and fulfill their daily responsibilities while devoting some part of their day to overcoming addiction. Every day, they come to the center to meet with their doctor, therapist or other clinicians and return home each night to implement what they’ve learned.

Outpatient Care

You can expect mobility, privacy, self-monitoring and collective support in an outpatient program. Outpatient care is for clients who have a need to live off-site while receiving the rehabilitative care they need. Clients can transition to outpatient care after completing an intensive outpatient program.


Continuing aftercare services greatly increase the chances a client will maintain sobriety. While you’re in aftercare, you’ll continue to receive support as you apply the coping strategies you’ve learned in rehab. In addition to medication management and tools for preventing relapse, aftercare can encompass individual and group therapy as well as membership in a support group outside the rehab center.

Starting Treatment

If you’re ready to start your recovery journey, the first step is getting connected with the admissions coordinators at Orlando Recovery Center to see if ORC is the right fit for you. They’ll provide a comprehensive assessment and discuss your insurance options to make sure you get the best care possible.

Contact Us

Call us at 754-300-3120, or chat with one of our admissions advisors coordinators at our website, We are ready to walk with you, step by step, to your successful recovery.

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