The Recovery Village Columbus Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Accepting Clients

This facility accepts insurance and is accepting new clients.


3964 Hamilton Square Blvd.
Groveport, OH 43125


(614) 362-1686

Our Facility

Located in Groveport, Ohio, The Recovery Village Columbus is an accredited adult rehab facility that is physician-led and committed to providing evidence-based, compassionate care for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions.

Levels of Care

  • Medical Detox

  • Inpatient/Residential Rehab

  • Partial Hospitalization

  • Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Outpatient Rehab

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

  • Teletherapy

  • FORTITUDE, a specialty track for veterans and first responders

Our Amenities

The Recovery Village Columbus offers comforting amenities that complement treatment and encourage healing.

Two fully equipped gyms
Outdoor pickleball court
Paved volleyball court
Pool table & shuffleboard
Art studio
Outdoor fire pit
Computer lab

Your Recovery Is Our Mission

Matt ClayMatt Clay ★★★★★ From the minute I arrived at RVC I knew I made the right decision. I was treated with respect and compassion by everyone I came in contact with. The cutting-edge approach to treating addiction that RVC implemented with me was second to none. And the Veterans and first responders program was a life saver. Thank You Recovery Villiage for giving me a second chance at life.Richard ChildersRichard Childers ★★★★★ Drew WeberDrew Weber ★★★★★ Matt MillerMatt Miller ★★★★★ My stay was exceptional. I even extended 1 week. The staff all care about your sobriety and recovery. The clinicians and therapists also care about your sobriety and recovery. Even the kitchen staff do and the food is pretty darn good! The cognitive behavioral therapy and the skills the staff teach are the way to go for life long recovery. They taught me how to love myself again and taught me the skills to recognize urges and how to cope with them. I know I won’t thank everyone here but many thanks to Dorothy, Reese, Qiana, Mel, Pam, Ms Anne, Ms Ninja, Jordan, Raynita(spelling), Andrea and others I may have forgot. Thank you for helping me help myself.Alex PageAlex Page ★★★★★ Everyone was helpful even after my departure!!Erik GrigorenkoErik Grigorenko ★★★★★ My experience was Great! The instructors or Teachers were very helpful. Would definitely recommend Recovery Village of Columbus.Response from the ownerThank you for your positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear about your great experience with our instructors and team at The Recovery Village of Columbus. It's our mission to provide support and guidance, and we're glad we met your expectations. Your recommendation means a lot to us. Wishing you all the best on your journey ahead! SeanSean ★★★★★ I'll start by saying I'm so grateful for every single employee at RVC. You all made a huge impact and on my recovery. Each and every one of you made a lasting impression on me, and I will always remember you. I will never forget my time at RVC. I want to thank MEL , for being a guru. You are one of a kind, and an irreplaceable asset at RVC. DANNY, thanks for the many long conversations we had. EDDIE you are sooo amazing, I appreciate you for always being there to listen to me vent, I'm so grateful to have met you and be in your presence. ANNE you are a beautiful soul, thank you for everything. You are the definition of hospitality. You helped me in so many ways, thank you. REESE, you are the best in so many ways. Thank you for your sense of humor. I will always remember our conversations. TERRY you were the first person I remember encountering, and you took care of me and made me feel comfortable, I'm so grateful for you. I will always remember you, thank you. JORDAN you are such an asset for people like me, I appreciate your perspective on life, thank you for everything. JUSTIN, what can I say, there are no words for how I feel about you, you are the best, you made my day every day you worked, I'm so grateful for you in so many ways, I will always remember you, thank you. So thank you all, RVC is top notch. 🥲♥️Tommy WooldridgeTommy Wooldridge ★★★★★ This was a great experience!! I’ve learned a lot and the staff was awesome!! I would highly recommend!!April StockdalApril Stockdal ★★★★★ Let me start by saying, no place is absolutely perfect. There's always room for improvement. Having said that, RVC literally changed my life! Most the staff really wanted to be helpful and the Clinicians were absolutely amazing! If you are in need of recovery, without a doubt choose RVC. I learned so much about myself and how the awful Disease of addiction works while being in a safe environment. The counselors were great and the groups were even better! I 100% recommend RVC to go get well and get a healthy clean life back!Addiction is giving up everything to have one thing. Recovery is giving up one thing to have EVERYTHING!THANKS RVC!I'd like to add the recipe I learn for recovery is Time,Effort and surrender. If you're willing to surrender and put effort and time in YOU CAN RECOVER! Many blessings to all at RVC and All looking for RECOVERY!Bakko ArmourBakko Armour ★★★★★ Great Facility and Staff.Angela HornAngela Horn ★★★★★ I could not have become sober and literally a happier, healthier person without Recovery Village. My experience was amazing, from the awesome support of the staff, to the amazing sober friends I made, and also to the delicious food Brian prepared!! Please, please extend my utmost thanks to Dorothy. I truly believe that without her, I may not have made it through detox and the rest of my time spent there.I hold my sobriety VERY close to me and the groups were SO helpful giving me the tools I left with. I feel like a different person, who has gotten a second chance at life. THANK YOU!Angela HResponse from the ownerReading your heartfelt message truly warms our hearts. Congratulations on your sobriety and the incredible journey of transformation you've embarked upon. It's a privilege to know that The Recovery Village played a pivotal role in your path to happiness and health. We'll certainly pass on your heartfelt thanks to Dorothy and commend Brian for his culinary skills! Remember, every day is a testament to your strength and determination. Thank you for trusting us during this crucial phase of your life, and we wish you all the best as you continue to embrace this second chance at life with gratitude and resilience. Cala McwhorterCala Mcwhorter ★★★★★ They are a wonderful facility. They absolutely have done the best job that anybody could have done. They saved my life. I don't know what they did but I have no urge to use. I extended my stay and everything was great. The staff was very kind and nice and so is the clients. They all helped me push to get through it but I made it. Thank you guys so much. God bless you all and hopefully I'll see you in a year to be working for you lolResponse from the ownerWhat an incredible testimony of transformation and hope! We're overjoyed to hear about your experience with our facility and the life-changing impact it had on you. Your determination and willpower, coupled with the support of our staff and fellow clients, played a vital role in your journey. We're humbled by your gratitude and are cheering for your continued success in sobriety. Subutex SurgeonSubutex Surgeon ★★★★★ Great experience!Bradley MooreBradley Moore ★★★★★ Gave me the tools and a different way of living to adjust me to sober living. Well put together place if your doing what you need to do to get better.Shawn LoevenguthShawn Loevenguth ★★★★★ Jordan BeckJordan Beck ★★★★★ Best 2months of my 23years! All the staff is very respectful especially if you respect them and their authority. The food is almost ways good, especially for a rehab. The counselors are amazing S/O to Mel, Raynita, Bri, and Ninjah! Together they all changed my life. Thank you RVCRo ZamRo Zam ★★★★★ This place was super informative and helpfulOlivia/Millie WeibelOlivia/Millie Weibel ★★★★★ Absolutely wonderful facility! My time in the program really changed my way of thinking, and changed my idea of what it is to be an addict. Definitely reccomend this location to anyone in need of help. 3 months sober, and many more to go!Crystal CottrillCrystal Cottrill ★★★★★ All staff is good at what they do. I am so grateful for all of them.Vince ShepardVince Shepard ★★★★★ Kelli GilleylenKelli Gilleylen ★★★★★ Recovery Village staff and detox program my life , Please consider this Facilty when you are ready to get clean, you won’t ever regret it! ✌🏾❤️✅Kristie MeadeKristie Meade ★★★★★ I really got a lot out of my journey at recovery village. My stay was 60 days and I am 6 months and 20 days sober. The program showed me a lot of different tools to use at home.js_loader

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