Orlando Outpatient Center

Accepting Clients

This facility accepts insurance and is accepting new clients.


100 E Sybelia Ave, #250
Maitland, FL 32751


(407) 968-7717

Our Facility

Orlando Outpatient Center provides high-quality, evidence-based treatment for both addiction and mental health conditions. Current clients from Orlando Recovery Center can experience a smooth transition to ongoing aftercare and continue their treatment plan and the facility also welcomes new clients from the community who are interested in outpatient mental health or substance use programs.

Levels of Care

  • Mental Health Treatment

  • Psychiatric Medication Management

  • Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs

  • Individual and Group Therapy

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Offering Adolescent & Adult Outpatient Counseling

Orlando Outpatient Center proudly offers a comprehensive range of outpatient services for both adults and adolescents, focusing on individual and group therapy. 

Our experienced therapists are committed to helping clients build the foundation for lasting recovery and improved mental health. 

Your Recovery Is Our Mission

David Cackling
Mike Sabollos
So far so good
Tommie Wafford
My experience was definitely a five star wasn't so happy at first my therapist Courtney made things so easy for me she helped me open up to a lot of bottled up emotions from the PAST that I tried to put behind me I even hated group at first thinks to ms. Robin and Miss Tiffany I got passed not wanting to talk to people and starting open up in groups
Roger Masterson
Harry Brown
Always a great help with managing stress and dealing with life complications.
It was another Thousand Dollars , could not afford it!
Jeffrey Bivens
Very welcoming!
coolman coolman
Easy to talk to
Rickey Riley
Thomas Farber
I would give zero if possible. The therapist and entire outpatient department was horrific. No personal attention with exception to billing my insurance company for sessions not received.
Laura Stewart is amazing.... I enjoyed and learned so much about recovery and myself during our group s. I'm very sad that she will not be my group leader. She has much knowledge to share and she is so empathetic, caring,kind but also straight forward on what's going on. I had laughed w her and cried to her. I pray she touches many more as she has me. Her knowledge on the brain and science of the disease of addiction is of great value to all.
Russell Parker

Let us help you get your life back.