Nobu, Now New & Improved!

We’re proud to offer Nobu, a premier digital therapeutic support tool for recovery, exclusively for our patients.

What’s New for Our Patients

In addition to providing on-demand mental health education and support tools, Nobu offers our patients a unique, personalized app experience throughout their time in treatment that allows them to set goals, keep track of their daily schedule, celebrate program milestones and earn rewards.

Angela Phillips, PhD, LCSW

Director of Telehealth Services

We’ve implemented a facility-wide digital therapeutic and treatment management pilot program. Our soft launch at The Recovery Village Atlanta showed great engagement and excitement for this amazing new treatment tool. Practitioners will also benefit by having a multi-access portal for tracking attendance, group and appointment content completion, documentation support tools and more. Our goal is to optimize this program and launch nationally.

How Does It Work?

Each patient will receive a tablet during their admission process at participating facilities, with Nobu securely programmed and customized for their level of care. From there, patients can:

  • Complete and store clinical worksheets and paperwork virtually
  • Follow clinical progress and level of care requirements from the moment they walk in the door
  • Review and set clinical and personal goals
  • Earn rewards that translate into patient privileges
  • Access to all the additional content Nobu has to offer, including a new and improved AI-powered Nobu bot.

Patients in non-participating facilities will still have access to the app without the corresponding customizations for their treatment episode. We’re excited to launch these enhancements across our facilities in the near future.

Ready to Enroll in Treatment?

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