IAFF Center of Excellence Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Accepting Clients

This facility accepts insurance and is accepting new clients.


13400 Edgemeade Rd.
Upper Marlboro, MD


(301) 358-0192

Our Facility

The IAFF Center of Excellence is a first-of-its-kind rehabilitation center designed especially for and by firefighters. The 60-bed facility, located on 15 acres just outside Washington, DC, gives these fire fighters and first responders the opportunity to receive treatment among peers, led by clinicians who have experience working with these professionals. 

Levels of Care

  • Medical Detox

  • Inpatient/Residential Rehab

  • Partial Hospitalization

  • Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Outpatient Rehab

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

  • Teletherapy

Our Amenities

The amenities at the IAFF Center of Excellence offer members recreational and therapeutic opportunities that complement treatment and encourage healing.

Fully equipped gym
Basketball court
Outdoor volleyball
Reflection areas
Outdoor walking trails
Yoga and writing therapy

Your Recovery Is Our Mission

Jacob HarperJacob Harper ★★★★★ William BerginWilliam Bergin ★★★★★ I’m thankful I learned of the center of excellence and spent my time here in recovery. This place saved my lifeMark DupuisMark Dupuis ★★★★★ This is a place of healing and compassion. There are great people here that can help you when you are down and probably in the worst place of your life. They can show you there is a way out. There is always a way out of your depression anxiety and you PTSD.Ruiz RuizRuiz Ruiz ★★★★★ Excellent facility, clinicians are knowledgeable and staff supportive. It was comforting to be surrounded by fellow brothers and sisters in a struggling time and center helped me over come many of my obstacles.Irah NishiIrah Nishi ★★★★★ I am forever grateful to this place. I have been trying to quit alcohol for over 10 years and this place has not only given me the tools to fight my addiction, but has forced me to look deep within myself and figure out why I depended on alcohol. The perfect blend of curriculum and weekly therapy sessions has truly helped me to break free from my addiction. I can now live the life I was meant to live.James FujitaJames Fujita ★★★★★ Excellent care, the clinicians and medical team were receptive to my needs.Tony OrlandiTony Orlandi ★★★★★ This place is a life saver. I recommend this place to anybody that needs help in any aspect of life. This place saves firefighters.Michael FisherMichael Fisher ★★★★★ Be open minded and commit to the work. Best thing that ever happened to me. Elite all the way around from the treatment to how it’s run. You won’t regret itPaul BertrandPaul Bertrand ★★★★★ As others have shared “this place saved my life” should not be taken lightly, this place changes firefighters lives. Having staff that understands what we do day in and day out and how to formulate treatments that suit us is very comforting. THEY GET US! The COE is TOP NOTCH. And the staff/chefs/clinicians are excellent! If you are having trouble wadding through life CALL THEM.CarterCarter ★★★★★ This place almost seems too good to be true. I am so thankful for Marc and the staff here for all the amazing work they do.David HitchcockDavid Hitchcock ★★★★★ This place is nothing short of amazing. If you a firefighter struggling with mental health or addiction this is where you need to be.Justin SelbyJustin Selby ★★★★★ This place is truly unique.The staff is amazing and my clinician was understanding and supportive of my foundation in Christ for recovery.She really took the time to understand my personal struggles, where I was coming from and where I wanted to return to in my walk with the Lord, morals, values, meaning and purpose.Faith, Family, Freedom!Also, a large part of the healing that takes place here is time hanging out with the guys. Sharing stories, struggles, experiences, lots of jokes and laughs and supporting each other in our times of need is unique because we have a common bond in the fire service.I will never forget this place!I'll be leaving the COE with lots of good tools for success, new friendships and a healthy, cautious optimism"With God, we shall do valiantly; it is He who shall tread down our foes."Psalm 60:12Dd HillDd Hill ★★★★★ Everyone has their own story. Mine was a difficult and long journey to recovery. I battled PTSD for a long time alone. The staff was friendly, and wanted nothing but my recovery. I would recommend this place to anyone suffering from mental health or substance abuse. The connections I made here will be life long and life changing. I have the tools now to live a healthy life and forever grateful.Matt PMatt P ★★★★★ The COE is a game changer. I found the answers to questions I could not answer myself. I was on the verge of losing everything and this place helped me to find solutions to the battles I was fighting within myself. The hardest part is making the call, but make it.Elliot PhelpsElliot Phelps ★★★★★ This place saved my life! The staff here is amazing! I learned so much about myself and all of my issues. Please if anyone of our brothers or sisters are struggling with anything, give this place a try!John RJohn R ★★★★★ THIS PLACE SAVED MY LIFE! If you are struggling in any way, do yourself a favor and make the call to the COE. Staff is invested in your journey and you will meet life long friends, brothers, and sisters. Don't wait till it's too late. I am forever grateful.Richard BicknellRichard Bicknell ★★★★★ The IAFF Center of Excellence is an extremely special place for IAFF Fire and EMS folks who are experiencing mental health and or substance afflictions. It takes a lot to make that phone call, especially when you’re in a less than healthy state, but I promise that this special place filled with peers will change your life. As much as you want to go home, you won’t want to leave all of your new lifelong friends! Make the call. You owe it to yourself and your family. You’ve served your community, now let your community serve you!Eric KristensenEric Kristensen ★★★★★ They understand firefighters and can help you heal —- mental health, substance/addiction, or both. Call them today.Scott PearsonScott Pearson ★★★★★ Amazing experience!!! A place for IAFF Firefighters to come and learn about their trauma and addictions but more importantly how to regain confidence while among peers with similar concerns.Jordan BankertJordan Bankert ★★★★★ I can honestly say this place is such a benefit to have for the fire service. I have seen the transformation of numerous firefighters while here. The staff is outstanding at what they do. They are absolutely invested in firefighter health and wellness. They don't hesitate to talk with you whenever and are truly invested in getting to the tools to become a better person. The brother/sisterhood here is something you will never experience anywhere else. If you are on the fence about making that call, just do it... you won’t regret it!Quincy Walker Jr.Quincy Walker Jr. ★★★★★ I enjoyed it thoroughly. The staff is amazing, the process is smooth to follow and the treatment is tailored personally for you. I’ve learned a lot of skills to cope in a healthy manner and am very grateful for the opportunity and all that was given to me for self improvement. It’s worth it.3/25/24I’ve needed to return to the C.O.E. following my stay a year prior. I was graciously welcomed back and accepted by all members involved. The over-the-phone consult did an amazing job helping me see that I’m not alone in my struggles and Marc Rattigan aided me in getting in as soon as possible. I will say it’s highly advisable for anyone even questioning the notion of “if I need to go,” to try to go as soon as possible. If your own attempts and understanding has not yielded you positive returns for your betterment and you are tired of the spiral of misfortune then go. A positive spirit resides within the Center and those who desires to take their lives back with assertiveness and confidence through the most dire of circumstances will find just that and more. Spread the word and let everyone know the good news!Hunter StammHunter Stamm ★★★★★ My time while at the COE has been absolutely life changing. I had received answers that I had never known I was searching for during my treatment there. All of the staff is wonderful and very genuine with your time and treatment. I highly recommend anyone that may be struggling to find your way out to this facility if and when needed. It could make the difference in your life in ways you may have never though possible.Arthur RauchArthur Rauch ★★★★★ Blessing, the one word describing the impact the C.O.E. had on my journey discovering my authentic self and the tools I’ve been equipped with to continue on my path of a healthy, meaningful, and purposeful life.Erin SitesErin Sites ★★★★★ The COE saved my life!! This place is magical to say the least. I surpassed the person I used to be and became even better. They helped me turn my pain into purpose!! I have brand new goals and a brand new life!Engine 14Engine 14 ★★★★★ Wonderful place, great experience and getting my life back on trackjs_loader

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