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The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab

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South Florida’s need for an evidence-based drug and alcohol rehab has arrived. Through our collaboration with Baptist Health South Florida, we’ve taken great strides in making addiction treatment possible for countless individuals in the Miami area and beyond. As one of three treatment facilities in the region, The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab showcases our mission to decrease the treatment gap and provide effective, affordable service to all in need of recovery.

Who We Are

The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab continues our organization’s renowned approach to addiction recovery, which combines evidence-based treatment with holistic programming that promotes wellness in body and mind. With our Miami facility centrally located and close to other Baptist Health locations, the facility provides clients with a smooth transition to further treatment and welcomes new clients who are interested in outpatient care. Clients also participate in our Weekly Recovery Compass program, which helps to directly identify, monitor and address potential setbacks that can be counterproductive to recovery.

The Setting

The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab is located in South Miami. With convenient interstate access, it’s a short drive from most places in and around the Miami area.  The location itself includes expertly-designed interior locations for therapy, treatment and recovery programming. Patients can enjoy the facility’s numerous open spaces and large windows, which create naturally bright and inviting environments.

The Staff

The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab is led by a board-certified medical director who oversees a staff composed of the nation’s top addiction professionals. Our multidisciplinary team includes trained medical personnel and addiction experts of all backgrounds, each with a dedication to making long-term recovery possible for all who enter the facility. Our team’s approach is to treat each client with individualized programming and care that suits their unique needs.

The Amenities

Holistic activities, recreation and creative therapies are all part of promoting wellness in recovery. We provide our clients with many ways to exercise, have fun or blow off some steam. Our amenities include:

  • A fully-equipped fitness facility
  • An indoor basketball half-court
  • An outdoor volleyball court
  • A yoga room
  • A game room
  • Entertainment lounges
  • Outdoor bocce ball and shuffleboard

Treatment Options

At The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab, we believe that recovery does not end with a rehab stay. A person in recovery must learn new coping skills and find new ways to spend time that used to revolve around substance use. We offer many ways for clients to receive life-changing addiction treatment. Among our various programs, treatment options may include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Nutritional counseling and dietary planning
  • Fitness therapy and training
  • Case management
  • Holistic therapies, such as art, music or yoga therapy

Levels of Care

The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab operates on a full continuum of care, meaning clients gradually transition through less-intensive treatment stages as recovery progresses. Our levels of care include:

  • Medically-assisted detoxification: Usually the first step of treatment, the detox process is when drugs and alcohol leave a person’s system. We monitor each client’s vital signs, provide medication for withdrawal symptoms when appropriate and ensure detox remains as comfortable as possible (Palm Beach only).
  • Intensive inpatient treatment: This program is designed for clients with severe addictions. In intensive treatment, clients are monitored around the clock and given comprehensive support (Palm Beach only).
  • Residential treatment: A residential stay is designed to give clients the foundation, support and strategies needed for long-term recovery. By living onsite, clients can safely learn to address triggers and volatile situations that would typically lead to substance use in daily life (Palm Beach only).
  • Partial hospitalization programs: This is typically reserved for clients who have completed a residential stay but still need extra support. These clients can meet with doctors, determine what is working in recovery and continue learning new strategies.
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment: Instead of only treating a person’s addiction, we believe in treating each person as a whole. Mental health disorders like anxiety or depression often play a role in addiction. Addiction can also cause these disorders to manifest. For effective recovery, it’s important to address addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders simultaneously.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment: Patients live at home or in a supportive environment while still devoting a large portion of their day to addiction treatment. 
  • Outpatient treatment: Clients in outpatient care have more flexibility in treatment, and they self-monitor their recovery while receiving ongoing support at the facility.
  • Aftercare services: Aftercare programs, which can include support group meetings, alumni programs, relapse prevention services and many other resources, help clients to maintain long-term recovery after treatment has ended.

Contact Us

The choice to seek treatment can happen anytime and anywhere. Our helpful admissions representatives are ready for you or a loved one to make that decision. Contact us by phone or visit our website to let us know the best time to contact you.


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