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The Recovery Village at Umatilla

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At this serene, 80-bed retreat in the pastoral community of Umatilla, just an hour from Orlando, treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders and other mental-health issues comes in a stress-free setting, far from the pressures of everyday life.

Who We Are

Whether you find fellowship with other patients or connect on a deeper level with our doctors, nurses, therapists, nutritionists and dietitians, it’s clear from the start that the continuum of care provided at The Recovery Village is no ordinary rehabilitation treatment. Addiction can be a lonely place, but here, you’ll find a friendly face and a caring heart just about everywhere you look. Between daily therapy sessions, 12-step programs, equine therapies and first-rate amenities, you’ll be at ease knowing your days will be filled with constructive activities designed to help you find true freedom from your addiction.

The Setting

When the Recovery Village was built, the site was chosen for its unparalleled beauty and tranquility. The community of Umatilla, just minutes from the entrance to Ocala National Forest, is a calming, idyllic place to find a sense of peace while participating in structured indoor and outdoor activities, sessions with caring and professional therapists and time to reflect on the kind of life you want to live post-rehab. You’ll have access to a fitness center, basketball courts, a pool, fire pit and on-site yoga and art therapy instruction. Or take a day trip to commune with nature or take part in seasonal activities and events.

The Staff

Dr. Heather Luing, Medical Director at The Recovery Village, is dual-boarded in both psychiatry and forensic psychiatry, and has made it her life’s work to help patients free themselves from the clutches of addiction and mental health disorders. Dr. Luing works with Clinical Director Dana Giblock and Director of Nursing Connie Mayo to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to providing patients with the care and tools they need to truly change their lives. You’ll be assigned a case manager to address any concerns or questions you might have before, after or during your stay at The Recovery Village. We believe that each patient is unique, and no two experiences at our retreat will be the same. Our goal is to provide a level of service and care that’s unmatched, and the excellence of our staff is the primary way we reach those goals.
Jodi Russo Director of Operations
Holly Demelo Director of Admissions
Dana Giblock, LCSW Clinical Director

Treatment Options

At The Recovery Village at Umatilla, a full line of services are available to help you shed the shackles of addiction and mental illness and prepare you to live a healthy and productive life. Program offerings include:

Levels of Care

Whatever you need in order to reach your full potential, The Recovery Village offers it as a part of their continuum of care. Whether you choose an intensive, immersive inpatient program or an outpatient program that allows you to continue with your responsibilities, The Recovery Village can design a treatment program that is right for you.
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    Purging your body of toxic substances is often the hardest part, but with our staff of doctors and nurses by your side through every twist and turn, the detoxification process will leave you with a clean slate on which to build your life. Your comfort and safety are our top priority, so you’ll never feel alone in your journey toward sobriety.
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    Intensive Inpatient

    Spending time in a stress-free, relaxed environment, free of triggers and pressures can make a world of difference when you’re ready to get your life back on track. Between therapy sessions three times a week, daily yoga and meditation, our intensive inpatient program offers plenty of structured activities to keep your mind occupied while you gather the life tools you’ll need to maintain your progress.
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    Residential (RTC)

    When you need 24-hour assistance through your sobriety journey, a residential program in sober housing can provide the stability you need to implement the skills you’ve developed through therapy and classroom training.
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    Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

    You’ve got the skills in your pocket but need the stability of a sober home where you can implement the strategies you’ve learned in a safe environment. Partial hospitalization might be for you. You’ll spend your waking hours in the haven of The Recovery Village at Umatilla, while staying off-campus in a private residence or community where you’ll still be free to experience life outside rehab.
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    Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

    In intensive outpatient treatment, you’ll be able to return to your responsibilities outside of rehab while remaining connected to the doctors, nurses and therapists you’ve built relationships with throughout the continuum of care. An IOP is where you’ll maintain a deep connection with your life at rehab, while striking out to build a happy, healthy life.
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    Checking in with your doctor or therapist after you’ve completed a formal rehab program is essential in maintaining your sobriety and continuing on your road to recovery. In an outpatient program, you’ll meet with your therapist a maximum of three times per week and return home to implement the skills you’ve learned through your time at The Recovery Village at Umatilla.

Starting Treatment

You can find a better life through therapy. The relationships and tools you’ll build during your time at The Recovery Village at Umatilla will be essential building blocks for the rest of your life after addiction. When you’re ready to call us, you’ll be connected with a case manager, not a call center, who will conduct an interview with you to create a treatment plan that’s right for your needs. They’ll also chat with you about your insurance and what kind of coverage you can expect for your stay at The Recovery Village at Umatilla. Not everyone has the same addiction, and we all deal with challenges in different ways, so it’s essential that you get the right treatment for you.

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