The Recovery Village Umatilla Drug and Alcohol Rehab

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This facility accepts insurance and is accepting new clients.


633 Umatilla Blvd.
Umatilla, FL 32784


(352) 771-2700

Our Facility

Located in Umatilla, Florida, our flagship facility The Recovery Village is an accredited adult rehab facility that is physician-led and committed to providing evidence-based, compassionate care for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions.

Levels of Care

  • Medical Detox

  • Inpatient/Residential Rehab

  • Partial Hospitalization

  • Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Outpatient Rehab

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

  • Teletherapy

Our Amenities

The Recovery Village offers comforting amenities that complement treatment and encourage healing.

Fully equipped gym
Basketball courts
Sand volleyball
Swimming pool
Frisbee golf
Outdoor grilling area

Your Recovery Is Our Mission

Kivett StreeterKivett Streeter ★★★★★ Teresa ShawTeresa Shaw ★★★★★ Brendan HillockBrendan Hillock ★★★★★ Nick PNick P ★★★★★ Want to get sober? If so, stop thinking about it and make the call to The Recovery Village. Going there was easily one of the best choices I've made. Top notch facility with top notch staff... seriously you're not going to find a better spot to start your Recovery.Joseph CuevasJoseph Cuevas ★★★★★ Peter WinterPeter Winter ★★★★★ I stayed at this treatment facility 3 times in a span of 1 year. Which does not mean that trv is not successful I truthfully was just not doing the job correctly on my end after completetion. Until the 3rd time I decided to go to trv. Usually people would think to switch it up or something has to change when things aren't working out but I wouldn't have chosen to come here 3 times in such a short amount of time if I didn't believe it would help me. I kept coming back because I felt comfortable here. I knew the staff and the facility well, and I knew what they are about. Trv is an amazing place and they saved my life. Between the therapist, techs, nursing, cafeteria staff, and all employees these are people who genuinely care deeply for people suffering from addiction and they will go above and beyond to help you if you let them. I built relationships with these people and they always had my back from day one and I know I can always go to them anytime for support. The facility is very clean, the beds are like hotel beds, the food is outstanding they will stuff you up. They will detox you comfortably but when it's time to put the work in they are going to put you to work. There is still plenty of fun and leisure time with the pool, gym, equine, outings on sundays for example they took us to hockey games, bowling, the beach, to swim at the springs, they took us to the na world convention in Orlando. And when it isn't an outing big john is cooking up burgers and hot dogs on the BBQ on the basketball court. Friday Saturday are movie nights with an extended curfew with popcorn and soda on fridays and nachos and soda on saturdays. They put you before anyone else they have came in on major holidays to engage with us and make sure we're happy in a hard time. But like I said they are going to put you to work because that's what you need and if you put the work in your going to leave there a better and humble person. So much can change in just 30 days and they will save your life. I have 5 months clean and going as I'm writing this. I have a great job im saving money in my bank account towards a car and almost there. I just got the single bedroom in my sober living home. I am happy and healthy and I couldn't be anymore grateful and I got all these promises in a very short amount of time and I know that there is plenty more in store bc I'm putting the work in and doing what I have to do and helping others. Everyday isn't going to be perfect but if you be patient and keep pushing forward I promise you your life will become what you dream of it to be. Never give up. My first sponsor who goes to trv to speak for h and I meetings just celebrated 2 years of sobriety and just moved into his own house that he just bought. These are the gifts of recovery and anyone is capable of achieving this way of life that they deserve to live. I highly recommend this place for it has saved my life and there's just something magical going on in there. If you surrender let those walls down and are willing to make a change they will go above and beyond to help you. I'm thankful that God brought me here. God bless.Also smoking is aloud with various smoke brakes and snack brakes throughout the day and they have sober living homes and outpatient aftercare which I also highly recommend to stay close with them after your discharge. I have seen many people become successful after their treatment at trv and I have seen people go right back to where they came from too. At the end of the day it is really all on you but trv will provide you with the tools you need is a clean and comfortable envioirement and is deffinitaley the place you want to go to if you are serious about getting help and bettering yourself. All the negative reviews are mostly from people who didn't want to be their or get better in the first place. because no one in that community is out to get anyone if you let them help you and you want it there going to do everything they can and more no matter who you are.Response from the ownerPeter, thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback of our facilities. It is difficult to face addiction and admit the challenges that so many face before, during and after rehabilitation. Some people require multiple rehab stints in one year. There's no shame with that. If anything, it's good to reveal this information because it can help others have confidence in themselves to accept that they will face challenges along the way and that setbacks are just temporary, not permanent. We are glad to receive such positive feedback about our staff, our programs and how effective The Recovery Village is in treating addiction. We hope to continue helping people, no matter where they are in their recovery or how many times they have gone through rehab. Every person, no matter who they are or how long they've struggled with addiction, deserves a chance to heal themselves and create a better future. Elizabeth KeyesElizabeth Keyes ★★★★★ Five Years Later (Edit)If you don’t want to read past this first sentence, just know that The Recovery Village may very well help you change your (or your loved one’s) life, and coming here is a choice worth making. About 5 years have passed since my time at TRV; I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my stay there and review it’s impact.Years ago, I was struggling at the lowest point I’d ever been. The cookie-cut path I was walking had been obliterated by events out of my control, which in-turn created brutal obstacles that felt impossible to face. It was like I’d been tossed into the sea with weights tied to my ankles. One thing led to another, and after admitting I couldn’t fix things alone, I arrived here.The time I spent at TRV wasn’t all sunshine. Things I’d long buried were dredged up during therapy. It’s hard to acknowledge your skeletons, and I was incredibly naive. However, the no-nonsense hard work was always complemented by truly unforgettable experiences. Horse-back riding, outdoor barbecues, even a hockey game, among other things… these events along with good quality and choice in food / amenities, and most of all the sincerity of the staff members, came together to create a safe haven. A place where someone at their worst, who’s truly experiencing a living nightmare, can stop, reflect, process, and transform. A place to recover, with the solid support of a village.Ultimately, by acknowledging that my life was a dumpster fire and going to TRV, I was able to find the courage to live one day at a time, and I know it’s been a saving grace for many others as well. This place isn’t a magic silver bullet that will leave you cured of all that ails you, but after you leave, if you practice what they teach, and put in the effort, a little bit every day, then choosing the next right thing becomes second nature. I didn’t have the means to hold myself up anymore, so TRV helped me build myself back up. Now I’m stable, with a sound mind, and an amazing job, at a place in life that I never thought I’d reach.One of my favorite proverbs says it best: Fall down 7 times, stand up 8. Let TRV help you stand tall.———Original Review:I stayed at The Recovery Village in Umatilla for 70 days and had a wonderful experience. There was equine therapy, canine therapy, and art therapy. The other classes were very informative, and most of the therapists are very skilled in their profession! The food was nice (there’s even steak sometimes) and most of the staff is friendly and accommodating.I do wish to say, though, that the call center (which is separate from the facility) needs to be cracked down on. They misrepresent costs sometimes and say anything to get you into the rehab. They have good intentions, they’re trying to save lives, but they need to be more transparent.Overall, it’s a wonderful facility. As long as you follow the guidelines and behave well, your stay will be extremely beneficial to your recovery. Having completed the program, I have continued on to their aftercare program in sober living (The Next Step Village) and am enjoying every moment. All the girls in the house are kind and I feel more confident in myself than ever! Make that call and admit yourself, it’s worth it.coolman coolmancoolman coolman ★★★★★ Dk ArtistDk Artist ★★★★★ There were a lot of laughs, & a lot of tears. Sharing in groups is important, that's what your there for. Stick with the winners. Will always have a soft spot for TRV. The whole staff is very caring and supportive. Lucky & grateful I went there.💯Jonathan CoxJonathan Cox ★★★★★ Joe BlakeJoe Blake ★★★★★ I would recommend 42 program that they have to anyone. It really helped me dealt with a lot internal and personal problems. That was a real the core of my problem the counselors really cared about what we were going through and what we thought and group was just awesomeMoss LifeMoss Life ★★★★★ Wonderful accommodations, very friendly staff and really professional. They helped me get clean and gave me the support to stay that way. The follow up by the alumni team is outstanding. They really care and understandLindsay VinsonLindsay Vinson ★★★★★ This place saved my life! It was a great place to get recovery. And if anyone is struggling with addiction and mental illness I HIGHLY recommend this place. Thank you Umatilla TRV!Benjamin LeiusBenjamin Leius ★★★★★ I was a patient at the recovery village and was thoroughly impressed by both the exquisite management and the impeccable service. If it wasn’t for the amazing staff and therapists I would be in a much different position than I am in now. The attentive and knowledgeable staff ensured that my stay was a memorable one, providing excellent therapy and ensured that when I left I was ready to face life’s challenges. Ed Hobson ( alumni team member) always gave me great feedback and was consistently spread positivity to whomever he came across. I can go on for days about this place. If anyone is struggling with addiction I put the recovery village at the very top of the list. Can’t thank the staff enough. I’d give 6 stars but unfortunately it’s not a option. The recovery village will always have a special place in my heartNoah KushNoah Kush ★★★★★ Great place run by people that care whether or not you succeed.Katrina WilsonKatrina Wilson ★★★★★ It's help me to learn I can live sober. Something I didn't think I could do.I thank themsteven Tubbssteven Tubbs ★★★★★ I had an excellent care at The Recovery Village. The staff was excellent. I just loved Mrs. Diamond!!!Rami RashidRami Rashid ★★★★★ David S.David S. ★★★★★ Joshua BurkeJoshua Burke ★★★★★ dJ RoSedJ RoSe ★★★★★ I made wonderful connections while at TRV. The effort that I gave was the experience I received. I am incredibly grateful for my experience. From the moment I walked in, the staff made me feel welcomed and supported. The environment was calming and conducive to healing. The therapists were attentive, compassionate, and skilled, helping me work through my challenges with patience and understanding. The structured programs provided a balanced approach to recovery, incorporating therapy, group sessions, and various activities that helped me regain my sense of self. The center's commitment to my well-being was evident in every interaction. I can confidently say that my time here has set me on a path of positive transformation. Even after discharge there was a team that followed up and helped assist me with continuing my my efforts and personal goals. Thank you to the entire team for their dedication and unwavering support.Greg hinesGreg hines ★★★★★ Staff was very friendly. Open snack bar 24/7 was awesome. Enjoyed the TV in room and in both living rooms to get the mind to relax. Highly reccomendKarrie FordKarrie Ford ★★★★★ I've graduated this program twice and reach time had changed me for the better!js_loader

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