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Behavioral Health Joint Venture: Expand Access To Exceptional Healthcare

Partner with us to ensure your patients are getting the best treatment in your local area. Don’t hesitate to expand your network so you can focus on what matters most, your patients.

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What you need to know

Considerations: Why A Joint Venture?

Our joint venture health centers are located in key geo-targeted areas to better serve your existing client base.  Our team is experienced in creating, crafting and building the right location and experience for your patients. Our facilities are impactful at providing individuals and their families with compassionate, exceptional care based on proven therapies and treatments.

Leveraging Advanced Recovery Systems’ technological infrastructure, we can introduce a fully integrated behavioral continuum, ensuring long-term success and reducing recidivism rates.


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We believe that healing happens when the body and mind are cared for simultaneously. Taking a whole-person approach to substance use disorder and mental health treatment, our programs incorporate evidence-based therapy so clients can thrive from the inside out.

Why Partner With Us


Treating a variety of addictions and co-occurring mental illnesses


Bolstering each patient’s success in recovery


Focusing on physical and mental healing


Meeting each patient’s unique needs

Proven Success

We’ve done this before.  We know how to partner effectively and drive value in our joint venture relationships


Our team of physicians brings a wealth of knowledge and experience allowing us to provide exceptional care and outcomes to our patients.

Workplace Addiction & What You Can Do About It eBook

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Our Metrics
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Absentee losses per employee
500 M
Workdays lost each year
3.5 x
Chance for workplace accident

What Sets Us Apart

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